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Food Ingredients

Our goal is to partner with food companies to deliver essential plant-based ingredients. Our high-quality wheat protein adds consistent texture, structure, and nutritional protein to many of your favorite products and baked goods.

Vital Wheat Gluten

Better baked goods start with better wheat protein. As a reliable domestic source of consistent, high-quality wheat protein for use in baked goods, we help limit reliance on international suppliers and provide our customers solutions that minimize the environmental footprint and logistical challenges of the ingredient supply chain.


Amber Wave serves food, pet food and specialty feed companies seeking a dependable source of premium wheat protein, as well as the low-carbon biofuel and livestock feed markets with innovative co-products.

Advanced Biofuel

The combination of a wheat starch feedstock from the protein extraction process and additional future carbon emission reduction strategies could result in developing a net zero carbon fuel. As one of North America’s largest producers in advanced biofuels, we are looking forward to taking the industry to the next level.


Livestock Nutrition

Amber Wave combines wheat midds from the milling process with wheat-based distillers’ grains from the biofuels process to create valuable, year-round feed cattle producers can trust to deliver the high level of nutrition their animals need.

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