Going Beyond
the Grain.

Your trusted domestic source for consistent, high-quality wheat protein.

Our Mission

We’re feeding the future of North America’s food, pet food and specialty feed industries as a reliable domestic partner delivering high-quality wheat protein ingredients.

High-Quality Ingredients
You Can Trust.

At Amber Wave, our premium wheat protein goes beyond the grain. Providing food, pet food, specialty feed companies, as well as the low-carbon biofuel and livestock feed markets with innovative co-products, we will soon become North America’s leading domestic source of wheat protein.


We’re taking wheat to the next level. With our soon-to-be integrated operations, we will make full use of wheat kernels to produce a consistent, high-quality wheat protein that benefits both our customers and the environment. We are proud to support American farmers and rural communities, limiting our reliance on international suppliers and minimizing the environmental footprint of the ingredient supply chain. Our investment in local communities is an investment in the environment.

The Largest North
American Supplier.

Using the latest, proven technology from industry leaders, Amber Wave will soon be the largest North American provider of wheat protein. Based in the heartland of America, our state-of-the-art facility will be fitted with the top milling equipment in the world – ensuring our wheat milling and protein extraction is second to none. 

Advanced Biofuel Production.

The existing facility in Phillipsburg has been producing biofuel since 2006 and continues to do so today. With our added investment we will be optimizing resources in a more sustainable way that will redefine plant-based ethanol and protein production.

Vital Wheat Gluten

Our high-quality vital wheat gluten adds consistent texture, structure, and nutritional protein to a variety of products and baked goods.


Livestock Nutrition

Through our biorefinery we produce a co-product that provides a nutritional year-round feed for livestock producers.

Low-carbon Biofuel

Wastewater starch slurry is transformed into biofuel with a smaller environmental impact than fossil fuels and other traditional renewables.

Quality Wheat for Every Need.

Amber Wave is soon to become North America’s largest domestic source of premium formulation-based ingredients for the food, pet food, and specialty feed industries.