Advanced Biofuel

Advanced Biofuel

Advanced Biofuel is a sustainable fuel source and another way to reduce our carbon footprint. Amber Wave uses advanced technologies to domestically transform wastewater starch slurry into biofuel with a smaller environmental impact than fossil fuels and other traditional renewables.


The combination of a wheat starch feedstock from the protein extraction process and additional future carbon emission reduction strategies could result in an ultra low-carbon biofuel. Added benefits include:

  • Alternative renewable resource to fossil fuel
  • Reduced dependency on foreign oil
  • Made from plant-based ingredient production waste
  • Wheat is a lower carbon feedstock compared to other grains used to make ethanol


The fastest growing source of energy in the U.S. is renewable energy. Amber Wave will contribute to this advancing industry by producing 50 million gallons of wheat starch-based ethanol.

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced by up to 110 million metric tons thanks to global bioethanol production and use. This is the equivalent to taking 20 million vehicles off the road each year.


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