Amber Wave™ Emerges as North America’s Largest Wheat Protein Facility, Revolutionizing Ingredient Supply Chains

PHILLIPSBURG, KS – Today, Amber Wave launched production at what will be North America’s largest wheat protein facility, following an investment by Summit Agricultural Group. Amber Wave is now producing AmberPro™ Vital Wheat Gluten, a domestic source of gluten for commercial bakeries, food ingredient plants, alternative meat manufacturers, pet food processors, and specialty feed companies.

“It’s an exciting time for our organization, presenting a tremendous opportunity for our customers and growers. With over 80% of the Vital Wheat Gluten used in the USA being imported, we not only add value to the growing region but also serve as a supply chain solution provider for our customer base,” said Randy Cimorelli, CEO of Amber Wave.

“The reception we’ve received from our customer base has been outstanding.  Having a reliable, domestic partner that is hours away, versus half-way around the globe is a game-changer in the vital wheat gluten marketplace,” said Ryan Hemingson, VP of Sales at Amber Wave.

The state-of-the-art facility, located in Phillipsburg, Kansas, utilizes the latest technology available from best-in-class partners in milling, wheat protein extraction, and renewable biofuels – ensuring our production process is second to none. The Amber Wave facility features:

“Installing best-in-class processing equipment from our partner providers was at the forefront of our project. Utilizing world class automation, superior equipment, and an exceptionally trained workforce, we will produce a high-quality domestic wheat protein ingredient. Safety, quality, and sustainability were key areas of focus as we progressed through the project phase,” said Steve Adams, COO of Amber Wave. 

Amber Wave strives to be a leader in the production of wheat protein and advanced biofuels, as well as in the growth and development of its people. Safety, sustainability, and operational efficiency will be additional differentiators for Amber Wave.

“Our commitment to our people and the community will always be woven into the fabric of our organization – everyone is a part of our success. We have the foundation to be something truly special. After milling our wheat and extracting the protein, we use the wastewater starch slurry to produce advanced biofuels, ensuring that nothing goes to waste,” said Cimorelli.

About Amber Wave
Amber Wave is North America’s largest wheat protein ingredients production facility and a leader in advanced biofuel. Amber Wave is a portfolio company of Summit Ag Investors, the investment management arm of Summit Agricultural Group. For more information, visit:

About Summit Agricultural Group
Summit Agricultural Group is a diversified agribusiness operator and investment manager with operations in the United States and Brazil. Summit deploys capital across the agricultural supply chain with a particular focus at the intersection of agriculture and renewable energy. For more information, visit: