An Inside Look at North America’s Largest Vital Wheat Gluten Facility

It’s not every day that you get to show off North America’s largest vital wheat gluten facility. Before production begins, we have had the unique opportunity to give tours to local and state groups. A few of our recent visitors included:

  • Kansas State University president and other university leaders
  • Kansas Farm Bureau executives and members
  • Phillips County Farm Bureau board members

The visitors walked through the entire production process from the mill to the gluten extraction building to the warehouse. Many were intrigued by the wheat processing happening at our facility as there is only one other gluten production facility in the United States. The group asked questions regarding the science behind the extraction, quality specifications, sustainability, and the impact on the local economy.

Our summer interns from K-State and many of our employees who are alumni of the university connected with Richard Linton, K-State President, who was traveling across the state of Kansas to meet with local businesses, community members, and K-State partners.

A few of the Farm Bureau members are farmers themselves, who are harvesting the wheat used at our plant. This inside look gave them the ability to see where their crop is going after it is harvested. Read more about one of our visitors experience here.