Amber Wave Serves The City of Phillipsburg

While waiting for the plant to be fully operational, our employees spent time in the Phillipsburg community completing service projects. You might have seen the Amber Wave crew and their supervisors out in the community periodically between March and July. Their projects included:

  • Building playground equipment at a local daycare
  • Setting up soccer goals for the soccer club
  • Painting the bleachers, bathrooms, and concession stands at City Park
  • Replacing broken fence and posts around the park and softball field
  • Starting the process of converting the old pool into a welcome center
  • Power-washing and staining the two “Welcome to Phillipsburg” signs
  • Helping at the recycle center and county landfill with trash clean up
  • Lending a hand to the City of Phillipsburg employees by string trimming and patching roads

We believe in supporting rural communities, especially the one we call home. As our construction partners finished up their respective parts of the facility, we thought that was the perfect opportunity to use our resources to give back to Phillipsburg.

“It was a great opportunity to get to know the community,” Lisa Schlegel, QA Technician said. “It was exciting to go around in a town that I haven’t lived in before and see things that I helped fix.”

These projects have given our new employees the chance to form connections with their co-workers while serving together. These connections will be beneficial as everyone moves back to the plant and works as a team to produce a high-quality product.

“I also bonded with my co-workers and got to work with the whole team of 70 or so which was really awesome,” Schlegel said. “Once I start my specific job, I won’t get to be around everyone as much, so this was a great bonding experience for everyone.”

Our employees enjoyed serving Phillipsburg while making connections in other departments. They are also looking forward to starting their roles within the facility as they move back on site.

As the team returns to their respective departments at the plant, Schlegel says, “It’s a completely new feeling of energy and excitement to see everything that we have been preparing, cleaning, and putting together finally in motion. We are all getting to start our own jobs, getting things running, starting testing and getting into why I came here.”